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Envee Kits, Hanging Baskets & Planters
Pre-Order Available    October 2019! 
Plants shown below are the selections that are available to pre-order for Spring 2020. These are our most popular varieties and we will have more in store. 
If we are replanting your pots please drop off no later than February 14, 2020. Pots must be labeled with your name & phone #. 
Last Day to order is February 14th, 2020.

The Weekender hanging basket is a heavy duty 16" basket with a strong metal swivel 3 strand hanger with flowers included. This pot is durable and can easily last 10 to 20 years. The great thing about this pot is in the base, there is a 1 gallon water reservoir, so you can fill it up and go 3 to 5 days between watering even in the summer heat.

 Towns & Cities use this the same design of baskets

For the absolute best performing hanging baskets all summer, we recommend this pot. Available in Black.

We have been selling this pot for many years and the majority of our customers return it for replanting each year.

It's the best pot. 

Please contact Deb at 1-780-515-1253 to have your existing pots & planters replanted for 2020.

If you are a town or city or business and you want even larger pots with a water reservoir, these also come in a 24" size. Please call for further details. 1-780-515-1253.