*Packet contains approximately 6 seeds.


Seed Tomatoes indoors Mid April to mid May, sow seeds in pots or trays with drain holes. Keep covered with a plastic dome, once you have 75% germination remove dome to avoid damp-off issues. Water with a mister, do not wilt, best to have a grow light or as much sunlight as possible. Once plants have 4 leaves it's time to fertlize, mix your fertilizer at half strength for 2 weeks, then adjust to full strength, undr lights or in sun. This will keep your tomato plants thick and green. When plants reach 3" in height, transplant into deeper pot, covering the stem with soil, leaving only the leaves exposed. Transplant to the garden once soil is warm to the touch, can go in ground or in a large pot, usually 1st week of June. Do not allow to wilt.

Tomato Sweet Million