Tall Vining Type (Indeterminate) Grow 4' to 6' tall


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Sold in a 3 gallon pot with cage

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Growing Tomatoes:

  • transplant to the garden once soil is warm to the touch, usually 1st week of June
  • tomatoes are very sensitive to frost and cold temperatures and will die if they are frozen or even a frost gets on them
  • can grow in a large planter (with a dish underneath) or in a garden
  • they need a lot of sunlight & a lot of water 
  • if they get too dry and wilt in the sun the plants can get a sunburn
  • for maximum yields and quality fruit they need plant food, we use and recommend a tomato plant food by Natures Source, we carry it in store
  • prune out up to 30% of the non-fruiting branches
  • Determinate varieties are "Bushy" and a tomato cage will suffice - grow 12" to 3' tall
  • Indeterminate varieties are "vining" and they need a tomato cage plus they need to be tied up, they can grow 4 to 6 feet tall
  • Pick tomatoes when ripe like they look at the store, in the fall, just before a heavy frost, pick all your tomatoes, even if they're green, bring into your house and lay in boxes in single layers, they may take a while, but they will ripen


Tomato Candyland - 3 Gallon Pot with Cage