*Packet contains approximately 50 seeds.

Tall Telephone makes a great climbing vine 6' tall, use in garden or in mixed flower beds as a fast growing vine, needs a trellis or fence to attach to. Shelling peas are sweet and delicious, ready in 65 days.


Direct seed in garden, if you seed 2nd week of May you could be rewarded with an early crop of peas, or they get frozen, fun to try a small patch. Seed your main crop of peas the 3rd week of May to the 1st week of June. Soak pea seeds overnight to speed up germination, remove any seeds that float (not viable). Make a valley row 2' deep, space seeds 4" apart, cover with 1.5" soil and lightly pack (so birds don't eat the seeds) water in heavy, keep well watered until germinated, rain is often not enough. Plant 2 rows of peas 6" apart and put a wire fence in between for peas to vine on.

Tall Telephone Pea