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Growing Pumpkins:

  • Pumpkins like heat and sun
  • growing them in the ground is easier because the they don't dry out as fast
  • pumpkins can be grown in a planter but make sure it's big and you water often
  • to ensure that your pumpkin is pollinated and "catches" to make a pumpkin grow, we need to pluck off a male bloom and rub the pollen in a female bloom
  • Once a pumpkin plant has 3-5 pumpkins growing on it we stop hand pollinating, you can even cut off the vines past that point
  • pumpkins take all summer and into fall to develop, that's why hand pollinating is ideal to get an early catch
  • in the fall, just before a hard frost, we need to pick our pumpkins and bring indoors, they will probably be a mix of green and orange/white depending on your variety
  • they will take time to cure and should be the proper colour for fall decorating and halloween

Pumpkin Autumn Gold- 2.5" Pot