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Pre-order this Poppy now and pick up in Early May 2020.


You will receive 2 of each color:


Princess Victoria Louise (dusty pink)

Mature Size: 30" to 36" tall

Bloom Time: May to June

Size at Pick up: This is in a 3.5" pot, will fit easily into Car




Royal Wedding (white)

Mature Size: 30" to 32" tall

Bloom Time: May to June

Size at Pick up: This is in a 3.5" pot, will fit easily into Car


A poppy is a plant that will bloom once in the spring or summer and then it will form a seed head, the seeds will fall out once mature and then next year, more poppies will grow. They are delicate and fanciful, definitely a treasure in the garden. Low maintenace, you don't have to do anything, leave the seed heads there until spring. 


Poppy is a 'Herbaceous Perennial' that means that they survive year after year, coming back each spring. In the fall, after a frost, thet die back to the ground, and in the spring they grow again from the roots/seeds.

Maintenance: In the fall, leave the seed heads so the poppy reseeds. Remove the dead stem in the spring.

Where to plant in your yard? Somewhere there is direct sunlihgt, poppies are not picky.

Zone 3, so its definitely hardy for our area. 


We will notify you when its in and ready for pick up. Your plant will not be in full bloom at time of pick up.

Poppy Mix: Princess Victoria Louise & Royal Wedding

  • We make sure you go home with a healthy plant or tree. A plant is a living thing and it's your responsibilty to care properly for it. It will need consistent watering, fertilizing and needs to be planted in the proper location for its needs. We are available to answer any questions you might have, Deb can be reached by text or call her at 1-780-515-1253. We do not offer any warranty or any kind, it's your responsibility to nuture your plants.