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Growing Peppers:

Peppers take months to grow, so we start them early in the greenhouses, in March. By the time you come for them they are about 2.5 to 3 months old. We grow them in a 3.5" pot and they are ready for you to transplant at home. Grow them in a garden bed or a planter, or even a back yard greenhouse, I did a test one year to see which method was better and the results were the same, high yield in both locations. Pepper like a lot of sunshine and heat. They also like consistency, if a pepper plant is making buds to bloom and goes through a dramatic wet/wilt/dry cycle, the plant will often drop it's blooms. Keeping them evenly wet without wilting will ensure a good yield on your pepper crop. 

Pepper Cayenne Long Thin 3.5” pot