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Walla Walla onions have a sweet flavour and you can use tops for green onions or grow all summer for bulbs.


Growing Onions:

I use this method if I'm planting pre started onions or bulbs.


  • Best suited for an in ground garden, a flower bed or a large planter like a raised garden bed. Onions like to be grown on the dry side, so I always make my row into a little hill, (not a ditch) and plant the onions whether its plants or bulbs on the top of the hill. This keeps them from getting saturated in a rain storm and in the fall when they need to stay dry to cure well, they are sitting in a ditch of water. 
  • Space them out about 4" apart so they have room to grow without touching
  • You can harvest the green tops at any point in the growing season and you can pull the bulbs anytime to use as well
  • I generally pull some all summer as needed for meals and then dry what's left in the fall
  • to preseve them you can hang them to dry, dry indoors so they don't get rained or snowed on, or you can chop and freeze or add to many pickling and salsa recipes
  • very easy to grow

Onion Walla Walla 6 pack