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This set of 2 planters is really great because the planters have a water reservoir in the base. It holds enough water to go about 5 days between waterings. Planters are heavy duty plastic with the appearance of stone. Measuring 55x53cm and 40x38cm. On a trip to Cold Lake in Summer of 2018, we saw these gorgeous planters, (see pic of me & my son Ryder at the Lake) we are going to replicate this mix in these planters, mix will include Canna (big tropical leafy plant) rudbeckia (golden daisy) wave petunia (hot pink colour) and ipomoea (lime green vine). They will be planted appropriately to the planter size. Replanting price in future years for the set will be approximately $125.00.

*New Set of 2 Planters with Water Reservoir - Planted

  • ETA: Pick up only around June 1st we will notify you.

  • There is no return or refund expressed or implied. All plants are of limited availability and we reserve the right to substitute.