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Leeks are so good in potato leek soup!


Grow Leeks using the same method as Onions:


  • Best suited for an in ground garden, a flower bed or a large planter like a raised garden bed. Leeks/Onions like to be grown on the dry side, so I always make my row into a little hill, (not a ditch) and plant the leeks/onions  on the top of the hill. This keeps them from getting saturated in a rain storm and in the fall when they need to stay dry to cure well, they are sitting in a ditch of water. 
  • Space them out about 3" apart so they have room to grow without touching
  • to preseve them we generally put them in a cold room or cooler for freshness, or you can chop and freeze or add to many pickling and salsa recipes
  • very easy to grow

Leeks 6 pack