Grow your own baby greens at home. Ready to eat as soon as 3 weeks. 
•Fill planter with soil.
•Water soil so it’s not dusty. 
•Sprinkle seeds evenly on top of soil. 
•No need to cover seeds with soil. 
•Keep moist by spritzing with water bottle.  
•Do not allow to dry out 
•To speed germination cover bowl with clear plastic wrap. 
•Place bowl in warm well lit area. 
•Once seed has germinated 
remove plastic wrap. 
•Keep soil moist with water spritzer. 
•Should be able to harvest in 3 weeks 
•To harvest trim with scissors 
•Allow to regrow
•Should be able to get two more harvests  
•Replant once plants are done.

Grow Your Own Baby Greens


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