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Growing Juncus Curly or Tiwster:

  • we grow a few types of Juncus, this is the variety with twisted and kind of looks like someone took a curling iron to it, best suited for a medium to large planter
  • grow in partial shade to full sun, including the north, east, south and west sides of your home, they can go on the north side if they are further away from the house and will get direct sunlight 
  • minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight to a maximum of all day sun. 
  • transplant into planters, hanging baskets, window boxes or flower beds
  • ornamental grasses/cannas are tolerant with being in both sun or shade
  • juncus is not a perennial and will not overwinter naturally outdoors, with some extra care and mulch and snow cover theres a small chance it might return, but I'd consider it a bonus.


Grass Juncus Twister {Curly Grass} 3.5" pot