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Growing Live Wire:

  • this grass is one of Deb's personal favourites
  • it has a perky, spunky look to it and works great in small to medium size planters, especialy as a filler in a pot that has something taller like a Green Dracaena spike or a Canna in the centre
  • the tiny seed heads on the end of the grass look really cool
  • grow in partial shade to full sun, including the north, east, south and west sides of your home, they can go on the north side if they are further away from the house and will get direct sunlight 
  • minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight to a maximum of all day sun. 
  • transplant into planters, hanging baskets, window boxes or flower beds
  • ornamental grasses/cannas are tolerant with being in both sun or shade
  • live wire doesn't overwinter here, but wherever the seeds fall they seem to grow naturally, I find baby seedlings in the greenhouse all the time. So it might be fun to try and collect seed and them start early in March for Spring!!


Grass Isolepis Live Wire 3.5" pot