*photo from New blooms in 2019 when we got a sneak peek of this new variety


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Growing Zonal Geraniums:

  • zonal geraniums are the regular type of geranium with large showy blooms
  • we got a sneak peek of Rosalinda by accident in 2019 when a plant was mistakenly shipped to new Blooms for our annual flower show, it was a stunner and I may have begged my supplier for them in 2020.....I will say that although I tried I did not get any for 2020
  • However, the offical release for this new Geranium is 2021 and we are delighted to offer it to you
  • Rosalinda features is fully double blooms, amazing magenta colour
  • to keep a tidy planter and encourage new blooms faster it's a good idea to deadhead the spent flowers, use a sharp pair of scissors, the stems are "chewy" and it's hard to deadhead by hand
  • grow in a planter minimum 10" or a hanging basket, larger planter or flower beds
  • these grow 20" to 24" tall and wide
  • geraniums are full sun plants and need a minimum of 6 hours direct light to full day of sun
  • geraniums can take the heat, great for a hot deck or a south exposure
  • it's okay if they get a little dry, they can handle it
  • for optimum growth and blooms fertilize with every watering, we suggest Nature's Source which we use and sell

Geranium Zonal Patriot Rosalinda 6" round pot