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Pre-order Debs Favorite Perennial Mix and pick up mid May 2020.


In this mix you will receive the following:

1 Nepeta Catmint Walkers Low in a 1 gallon pot (lavender in color)

1 Rudbeckia Little Goldrush in a 1 gallon pot (yellow daisy flower)

2 Dianthus Frosty Fire Cheddar Pinks in a 3.5" pot (pink low flower in front)


Catmint is shown in the back of this photo it grows about 2 feet tall and spreads out, reminiscent of an English Garden, almost looks like lavender from a distnace. It blooms all summer and is shown here in my flower bed at our Wildwood Farm. Has a minty smell, does not attract cats.

In front of the Catmint you can see a yellow daisy flower, that particular flower shown was a different variety than the one in this mix, that one had to be planted each year and I've found a hardy perennial that will come back. So I think you will love this mix because it will come back year after year. In the very front you can see a low pink carpet that is the dianthus. This was my favorite spot in my gardens at our old farm and I hope to recreate it here in Morinville.


Where to plant in your yard? Make sure it gets some sunlight, anywhere except for the North side.

Zone 3, so its definitely hardy for our area. 


We will notify you when its in and ready for pick up. Your plant will not be in full bloom at time of pick up.

Debs Favorite Perennial Mix

  • We make sure you go home with a healthy plant or tree. A plant is a living thing and it's your responsibilty to care properly for it. It will need consistent watering, fertilizing and needs to be planted in the proper location for its needs. We are available to answer any questions you might have, Deb can be reached by text or call her at 1-780-515-1253. We do not offer any warranty or any kind, it's your responsibility to nuture your plants.