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Growing Dahlias:

  • they're a wee bit fussy.....but we have a few tricks
  • these do really well in planters or raised flower beds
  • dahlias don't like to sit in water, so a raised bed or pot is a good choice
  • when you transplant them, make sure to plant level with the soil, don't "bury" them
  • although the tag says full sun we find they do better in part sun, in the hot afternoon sun they might look a bit wilty
  • part shade to part sun 
  • grows 14" tall and 14" wide
  • dahlias are not a perennial, but their roots are a tuber that can be overwintered indoors, in the fall, just after the first light frost, but the stem off the dahlia roots and dig up the roots, they look like a long skinny yam bunch, gently shake off soil, then place indoors on a piece of newpaper for a few days let the soil dry up and gently shake it off, label and bag the roots in a paper bag and store in a cool dark place like a cold room or a basement closet, they cannot freeze or they will go mushy.


Dahlia {Purple White} 6" pot