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25505 Secondary Highway 642

Sturgeon County, Alberta, T8R 2A3, Canada

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Coral Shade.

Debs own design, this mix was the first to sell out in Spring 2019, the coral shades are very unique. Grows in Part Sun to Full Shade. Make sure it has a break from the sun during the afternoon from about 1:00 to 4:00pm. 

Pre-order in a new Weekender (basket has water reservoir) Hanging Basket or we can replant this mix in your own basket or planter, please drop off your pots by Feb 14, 2020, they must be labeled with your name and phone #. 

Coral Shade

  • Pick Up Times:


    May is a funny month, we can get beautiful, warm sunny days, but the nights are still cold and risk of frost is high. (There has only been 1 year in my life as a greenhouse owner where we did not get frost in May).  All custom order baskets/planters get to stay here until its done freezing, we will happily take care of them until June. That is a privelege of pre-ordering. These plants are grown especially for you! 

    If you really do want to pick them up early you may do so, however there is no return, exchange or refunds on any products. We just really want to make sure they don't freeze or get a touch of frost! 

    We will have a "Pick up Party on Friday, June 1st" with coffee & donuts! The Greenhouses will be open from 10am to 8pm for the pick up party, please mark your calendar. Join us Between June 1 and June 10 to pick up all your custom orders.

    Customers that cannot pick up between June 1 and June 10, please let us know and for an additional holding fee of $5/pot/day we can hold them until the end of June.

    Thank you for your consideration, I am looking forward to growing your special order for 2020 and look forward to seeing you in the Spring.


  • There is no return or refund expressed or implied. All plants are of limited availability and we reserve the right to substitute.