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Growing Celery:

It can be grown in a garden, a raised garden bed or a large planter, in a planter it will need quite a lot of water.  Celery is a cool weather loving plant, it will perform well in both the shade and sun, if in full sun make sure to give it extra water. Celery need a lot more water to fill out than other garden vegetables. Celery can be harvested at any stage, young and tender or as it fills out. We've had celery plants grow very large in our garden, mature plants were 16" wide and 24" tall, so give them some space to grow! Home grown celery has a much more vivid flavour than store bought celery and is excellent in cooking. We love it in chicken pot pie, see our recipie in my Cook Book! Preserve your celery harvest by chopping it up, leaves and stem and throw in ziplock freezer bags, we skip blanching it because we use it in soups, stews and chicken pot pie where it softens anyways.

It's a little strong for peanut butter and raisins:)


Celery 6 pack