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  • grow in part to full sun
  • grow in a garden, flower bed or a large planter
  • they can get fairly tall around 24"
  • space them about 18" between each plant
  • it's fun and rewarding to grow your own food
  • eat fresh or cooked
  • preserve by blanching then freezing
  • Harvest when it looks like a cauliflower from the store, if you wait a day or so after it looks "ready" the florets will open into flowers quickly in the summer heat and can lose some flavour
  • little white butterflies adore cauliflower and want to lay their eggs on it, so not cool, because the eggs hatch into creepy green worms that are a nightmare to clean, prevent the butterflies from landing on the cauliflower by covering with a frost blanket or you can use a chemical powder if you choose, covering the cauliflower with a frost blanket is a very easy and proven method for clean cauliflower
  • a common issue with plants in the brassica family is cut worms, cut worms can occur naturally in your soil, sneaky little devils, they look like little grubs and are easy to physically remove, but to prevent them from eating through the roots of your plants we recommend that when you dig the plant hole to dust it with diatomaceaus earth, a natural, chemical free way to kill cut worms and other unwanted pests.

Cauliflower 6 pack