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Growing Castor Bean:

  • all parts of this plant are poisonous and should not be handled without gloves, do not injest, toxic to humans and animals
  • castor bean are beautiful and tropical and grown in a safe location a very enjoyable plant with oversized, tropical-looking leaves and bizzarre seed pods
  • plants can grow very tall over 6', they will be shorter if they are in a planter 3' to 4'
  • grow in shade to full sun, including the north, east, south and west sides of your home, they can go on the north side if they are further away from the house and will get direct sunlight 
  • minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight to a maximum of all day sun. 
  • transplant into large planters or flowerbeds
  • ornamental grasses/cannas are tolerant with being in both sun or shade
  • in the fall after a hard frost, clean up castor bean wearing gloves and bag the plant to send to landfill

Castor Bean 1 gallon pot