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Growing Canna's:

  • canna's give your planter a tropical look
  • grow in shade to full sun, including the north, east, south and west sides of your home, they can go on the north side if they are further away from the house and will get direct sunlight 
  • minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight to a maximum of all day sun. 
  • canna do not require trimming, but you can deadhead the bloom when its done flowering
  • transplant into planters or flowerbeds
  • ornamental grasses/cannas are tolerant with being in both sun or shade
  • canna's are not a perennial, they will not overwinter outdoors here, you can however dig up the roots/bulbs and store indoors, must be above freezing but not overly warm, dig the root out of the container or flowerbed just after our first frost, trim the tops off to 1",  transplant into a smaller pot, anything you have on hand, place the pot in a cool dark place like a cold room or a basement, water it lightly a few times in the winter, 2 or 3 times only. It might send up shoots, just leave them. In late February or March bring the pot up to a sunny window and water to break dormancy. After a few years you can split the roots. In my personal collection I have a rare canna that I have overwintered for many years.


Canna Rose 3.5" pot