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Growing Calibrachoa:

  • grow in part shade to full sun, including the east, south and west sides of your home, they can go on the north side if they are further away from the house and will get direct sunlight 
  • minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight to a maximum of all day sun. 
  • calibracha do not require deadheading, they are self cleaning. 
  • for optimum blooms fertilize with every watering, we suggest Nature's Source which we use and sell
  • when transplanting do not "bury" the stem, they don't like it and I've seen them rot, keep plant level with soil in container
  • transplant into planters, or hanging baskets, not necessarily suited for flower beds
  • if they dry out and wilt they don't bounce back fast, they will show their displeasure by turning leaves brown and crispy

Calibrachoa Cha-Cha Diva Pink Hot 3.5" pot