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Set of Three Blue and White Saratoga Planters, 2 Succulents and 1 Hawarthia  

  • 2.5" Diameter 
  • 3" Overall Height of Planter 

*Heights of planters with succulents and hawarthia varies between the planters 


Blue and White Saratoga Planter, Set of 3

Pick Up or Delivery
  • Water Succulents every 2-3 weeks, measure 1/4 cup water per plant. 

    Water Hawarthia every 3 weeks, measure 1/4 cup water per plant. 

    Succulents and Hawarthia want to be placed in an area where they will get some direct sunlight, but they do like some breaks from the sun. 

    Succulents and Hawarthia like plant food (fertilizer) which we also have available.