*make a great house plant or outdoors as an annual


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I have had Rex begonias as houseplants for years, indoors put them in a sunny area during the winter to keep them healthy and a shadier spot in the summer months


Growing Outdoors in Summer Begonias:

  • FULL SHADE,  outdoors they would grow best on the east and north sides of your home
  • rarely ever blooms
  • these begonias are grown for their interesting foliage
  • best in planters
  • we encourage you to bring the plant indoors before we get a frost
  • begonias do not need as much fertilizer as other plants, fertilize once per month is sufficient
  • begonias like to be more on the dry side than other plants, allow plants to dry between waterings

Begonia Rex Bewitched Red/Black 1 Gallon pot