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Belleconia Begonias:

  • best to keep this variety out of heavy winds, can lose blooms
  • part shade to morning sun, perfect for the north and east sides of your home
  • these can go in deep shade or Morning sun
  • belleconia begonias must have shade from the afternoon sun or they will get burnt leaves. 
  • they will bloom until the first frost
  • begonias can be brought indoors before a fall frost to enjoy indoors during the winter, they will probably not bloom all winter but it's fun to try to "save" them, if you bring them inside they do need more light
  • they add a real pop of colour to the shade
  • transplanting tip: begonia leaves are pointy, the direction the point, is the directions the blooms will open, so make sure that the point is facing the direction you want to see the blooms
  • begonias do not need as much fertilizer as other plants, fertilize once per month is sufficient
  • begonias like to be more on the dry side than other plants, allow plants to dry between waterings

Begonia Belleconia Orange Hot 6" round pot