Neanthe Bella Palm (also called Parlor Palm)  is a small low-light interior palm and houseplant species. ‘Bella’ can adapt to just about any typical office or home interior. This small or “miniature” palm has been in use for decades as a houseplant and among plantscapers.


In low light it develops dark green leaves and can be maintained very well with lighting you’ll find in most offices or homes. As a houseplant, Neanthe Bella Palm does well when placed in a northern window. Watch for browning of the leaf tips. If you see this, you’ll know that your plant is getting a chill through the window. Set it back a bit so that it doesn’t suffer cold coming through the glass. Also, protect it from hot or cold drafts.


Do not let roots sit in water and get soggy, when the top inch of soil is dry it's time to water.


This 2" plant will fit in all the pottery we carry, however it's best suited to the 3" to 4" pottery.

2” Neanthe Bella Palm


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