1 gallon measures 6.25” across the top and 6.5” tall.  Sanseveria is one of the best plants to clean indoor air. According to Nasa, it’s a top-notch air purifier by removing toxins such as toluene, nitrogen oxides, xylene and formaldehyde from the air. Especially people with allergies benefit from this. Putting about 9 Sanseveria’s per 100 square meter cleans the air nearly completely. The Sanseveria also emits oxygen at night which is a plus for using it in your bedroom. Ideally bright light with sometimes sun and sometimes shade but it can live anywhere from low light to direct sun. The less light, the darker the foliage. Watering: once every two weeks during summer, once every 6-8 weeks during winter. Allow the soil to dry up before rewatering. Drop plastic pot into a decorative ceramic pottery or indoor pot cover.It's recommended to repot them about every 3 years into a laregr pot size, going up 2" pot size at a time. See our pottery list for pots they fit well into.Fits perfectly into 8” ceramic pot shown (not included) 

1 Gallon (6.25") Sanseveria Laurentii