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How we made our Kits using our existing pots & trays

Step 1
Step 1

1835 Tray

Step 2
Step 2

1835 sheetpot

Step 9
Step 9

Ready to plant

Step 1
Step 1

1835 Tray


Meet the Designer


Paige Foisy creator of Envee Kits

Paige might only be 18 but has impressive design experience for her young age, she spent her summer working for Edmonton's Top Designer, Cory Christopher, when she was only 16, started out sweeping floors and within weeks was assisting in wedding florals and creating terrariums. She's grown up as a greenhouse kid working for her Mom, Debbie, in Deb's Greenhouse most of her life. Combining her love of design, plant knowledge along with advantage of growing up in a digital age she has a unique look to marketing and  planter design. At Deb's this spring our motto was, "Instagramable" (that's actually a word now) and we wanted all of our designs and social media to have that extra touch. Paige wowed the team at Deb's with her daily designs and customers in turn flocked into the greenhouses to purchase the planter kits, often within hours of posting a new design. For spring 2020 we have 9 designs available. Purchase Paige's Envee Kits Recipe Cards to create your own kits in store.

Part of what makes this program unique is that Paige combines multiple plant brands using the best genetics to create impressive planters. And.....you get to use your existing pots & trays, (see what we did above) and you have the freedom to purchase the plants from your favourite young plant grower. 

*plants not included.

If you represent a plant brand or breeder and would like to send Paige sample plants for our Envee Trials, please ship between weeks 11 and 20, to:

Paige Foisy 

c/o Deb's Greenhouse

25505 SH 642

Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada

T8R 2A3


Media Inquiries

Deb's Greenhouse: 1-780-515-1253

Paige: 1-780-712-9615

Deb's Greenhouse is proud to be

the supplier for Envee Kits in the Edmonton area.