Helping Out Our Alberta Greenhouse Grower Friends
Plants shown will be available in store, we have closed our online store. Please shop in store.
Greenhouses in Alberta are declared an essential service. Thankfully this helps out most of YOUR local greenhouses, province wide. There are local greenhouses that do not have a retail store, or an online store, that grow and sell products to cities and towns. Many cities and towns across the province have cancelled their flowers, leaving these wonderful businesses in a tough position. We've reached out to them, to give them a hand during these trying times and because we do have a webstore, we are selling their products here. They will recieve 100% of the profits (we are only taking the credit/debit card processing charges). This is a small way that we can offer support to our industry. They will deliver these plants to us in mid May and you will be able to pick them up with the plants we grow.

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